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I am a true partner to guide you
through the confusing, frustrating,
repeating patterns of your life.
You will deepen your Authority, Authenticity and Abundance
and rest powerfully within your body, heart and soul.
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“The ache for home lives within all of us, the safe place we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

–Maya Angelou

Welcome Home

Home is safety, comfort and nourishment. It is a sacred space, a sanctuary.

Home allows you to rest and relax into who you truly are.

Home is within you and always available.

Return home to the deepest part of who you are, where silence and stillness is present, where your inner whispers can be heard.

The journey home is for you, that part of you that knows; to create balance, peace and harmony in the world, it all begins within.

Welcome to your first step.

Micheline is your guide

I will partner with you, gently and lovingly holding and trusting that you have everything you need, already within you.

With wisdom and mastery, I will help you uncover what you have forgotten; the parts of you that have been shut down, diminished and masked in order to fit into this world.

Through my unique coaching process, you will rediscover your inner wisdom, learn to trust in yourself and have a bigger presence in your life to deepen your authority, authenticity and abundance.  This will set your life on course for more balance, peace and harmony within yourself. You will develop deeper relationships with others and resonate more harmoniously with the powerful life force energy, that is our natural world.

Home is waiting for you.

Micheline Green smiling

Kind words from people who've been there...

Coaching with Micheline has been the kind of conversation I had been yearning for! Working with her has Wholistic Leadership Lab has been life altering for me. It has helped me define who I want to be and how I want my children to see me. She helped me learn that I can love and guide myself through, and appreciate, the dark times and find my own light.

Trish Nairn, Rangeland Agronomist, British Columbia, Canada

Coaching with Micheline, I felt regained hope that life could be a lot more sweeter. I became a much better observer. I felt more grounded. My family noticed a change. There was less rushing and more reflecting. It has brought balance to my life and I continue to nurture and watch grow all the seeds that have been planted.

Nicole Barclay, Public Health Nurse

Micheline embodies authenticity and is truly a visionary when it comes to coaching and leading others. Her ability to hold space for me when I was either experiencing a breakdown was comforting and it allowed me the space and time to really feel into what I was experiencing. Micheline lives through example, her insight and modelling of a new way of leadership is both inspiring and supported me to make many changes in my personal and professional life.

Shannon Smith, Strategic Accounts Advisor, Phoenix AZ

Working with Micheline has changed my life both professionally and personally. In a very insightful, nurturing way, she helped me identify patterns of thinking and being that have been preventing me from being my best self. Micheline created such a safe space in which to do this transformative work. I always felt completely supported and cared for. I will be forever grateful to her for the impact she has had in my life. She is nothing short of amazing!

Margo O’Neill, Head of School, Phoenix AZ

Micheline’s visionary focus for change has set me on the path of transformation! Our team grew closer, our leadership has become more effective, and our children, staff, and parents are better served! What a gift this woman is!

Mary Orlando, Montessori School Director, Phoenix, AZ

Micheline initiated genuine and deep conversations that were incredibly empowering and lead me to wake up and connect with my deepest desires and intentions. I have so much more trust in myself and my process.  I will be forever grateful to Micheline and the doors she has guided me to open!

Nicole Kempthorne, Teacher Manitoba, Canada

Constantly consumed with an ongoing mental to dolist and an obsession with accomplishment, I was going through the paces of life without recognizing the joy and richness that life had to offer. I needed a mental tune up, a realignment, and Micheline helped me get there, to a place of presence, connection, joy. Looking back, I am so thankful that I said YES” – it has forever changed my life!

Laura McDougall, Lawyer, Manitoba Canada